Non-Traditional Homes: Condos v. Townhouses


The time for commitment comes when we’ve reached a certain point in our adulthood. In most cases, that moment happens to be our 30s. Arriving at this stage, many of us find the need to settle down, not only with relationships but the places we call our homes, too.

However, it’s a well known fact that purchasing a house is a difficult endeavor due to how financially draining it can be. There’s no reason to fret, though, since there are less expensive alternatives on the market: the townhouse and condo — both of which allow the opportunity to own the places that we establish our homes in. So, what’s the better choice?

The Case For Townhouses

The property most similar to the traditional single-family home is the townhouse. Except with one glaring difference: the wall or two that they share with their neighboring houses. New townhomes are residential structures built in a row with many others. Depending on the community, these houses hold resemblance to one another.

  • Property Ownership

Townhouses are less affordable than condo units, but it’s a worthy price considering that the home being purchased comes with land unlike condominiums. While there may be restrictions based off the community guidelines, homeowners can still do whatever they wish to do on their land so long as they follow the rules.

This means that those who purchase townhomes have more space to work with than people who reside in condos.

  • Less Restrictions

Once purchased, the property is for the homeowner to do as they wish (within the guidelines set by the HOA). This means that townhouse owners have more freedom when it comes to interior design and what they bring into their homes. A prime example would be animal lovers bringing in as many pets as they are able to take care of.

luxury home

The Case For Condos

Condominiums can be considered as the more luxurious apartments. The two terms are often interchanged even though they’re distinct in that condo units are ready to be purchased by different owners.

The handling of condo buildings often relies on the people trusted by the developers. This type of property is the perfect choice for those who wish to experience the following benefits.

  • On-Site Amenities

Townhouses can be located in communities that have amenities to offer its residents, but this is a case-to-case basis. Meanwhile, condominium owners will always have access to various amenities. The offerings vary depending on the developer, but some of the common ones available are swimming pools, fitness centers, function halls, and playgrounds. An added bonus would be enhanced safety thanks to 24/7 security.

  • Less Maintenance

When it comes to condo living, the ownership aspect of this lifestyle ends once a person steps out of the threshold of their unit. This entails fewer responsibilities on the owners’ part, given that they’re only required to provide upkeep and maintenance to the interior of their condos. Should anything go wrong with the hallway floors, it’s not the homeowner’s business to have it fixed with their own cash.

There’s less money spent on maintaining the health of one’s home since there is less to take care of. Some of it goes to Condominium Association fees, the organization in charge of making sure that the building’s health is up at all times.


Once again we raise the question of which home is the better choice. And as one can tell, the answer is dependent on the aspiring homeowner. With their lifestyle in mind, they can consider which advantages works best with the kind of life they wish to live.

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