Investment Options for High-Net-Worth Individuals

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A high-net-worth individual usually holds US$1 million in assets or more. That excludes their primary home. If you think these individuals have it easy, as they can invest millions, you are wrong. Just like ordinary investors, if these individuals do not research, plan, and strategize, they will soon lose all their wealth. Moreover, they spend a lot of time on investment allocation.

High net-worth individuals (HNIs) own more than US$1 million in liquid assets. The scale of funds that such people invest in makes it a hazardous affair for their finance managers. The process is also quite complex. However, their large risk appetite makes it worthwhile. In this article, you’ll learn several options that these individuals look for. Some are very normal, while others might seem unique. The risk-reward ratio and entry fees into such schemes are also exceptionally high.

Here are the top investment options for HNIs.

Hedge Funds

These are a separate class of investment products set aside for HNIs. It is due to the simple fact that such individuals can comply with the complexities associated with such funds. Moreover, these are less regulated than the so-called safer asset classes. The returns are pretty high, and so are the risks.

You should know about the investment tactics required to make these a success. The various tactics involve arbitrage, shorting, and leveraging. You will also come across options and futures in these types of funds. Additionally, these are very aggressive market investment tools. Most HNIs trade in these funds with their liquid assets. You have to invest very high amounts in such funds, so they are out of reach for ordinary people.


Most governments across the globe have not included these investment classes under any separate category, like banks and financial institutions. However, these have taken the US markets by storm. Today, most HNIs are seen investing in these asset classes. You will be overwhelmed to know that various tools are under this category. Tokens and coins are the most common forms of exchange. Bitcoin and Ethereum are the two most common and largest cryptos these days.

Many HNIs believe that investing in such tools for retirement is an excellent boost for their portfolios. Apart from just tokens and coins, which are virtual, there are other potential convertibles that one can use to make millions. You can also buy a piece of artwork from a famous painter’s gallery. While such ownership was out of bounds earlier, you can do it today. You may be one of the million owners of a canvas artwork by Picasso. The market is also highly unregulated. However, you do not need to rely on intermediaries. Everything happens over a secure blockchain.

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If you check out the real estate category, you will find out that HNIs fare prominently amongst these investors. Such investments provide long-term security and substantial financial gains for such people. It is not a minute piece of land or an apartment but hundreds and thousands of acres of land and complete buildings and condominiums. Commercial establishments are the best attraction factor for such individuals.

By investing in commercial properties, such investors also gain huge rebates from the government. Additionally, you will find such HNIs starting businesses from such properties, which helps them gain through capital allowances. Mortgaging, renting out, and leasing out properties seem to be their favorite activity where funds and money is concerned. Tenant-in-ownership options are also quite lucrative for such HNIs. In this form of investment, one can buy a small portion of the property and other investors. Selling at any time and with less paperwork is one of the perks involved.

Mutual Funds

This is another fantastic tool for investment for the HNIs. Apart from them, the commoner also invests in such funds and often. There are different kinds of investment tools in the genre here. The HNIs always make it a point to invest more significant amounts in fetching bigger returns for themselves. You can take the example of balanced mutual funds. They are adept at creating wealth while keeping risk at a bare minimum. Debt mutual funds are also quite lucrative an opportunity.

Private Equity

It is yet another tool that you will find HNIs investing in. In this, investors invest in startups and private companies. They usually get a stake in the company. There are options to buy out the entire company worth millions when the company makes huge profits. The minimum investment is quite high, and this class is reserved for HNIs only. The mode has high returns shortly. So, more HNIs will move towards such investment options.

These are the top investment options for HNIs. You can find more avenues, but these should give you a general idea of what and what not to invest in. However, these are more lucrative than what you have known so far, so invest wisely.

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