Increasing Your Property’s Chances of Getting Rented


Renting out your real estate property, whether for residential or commercial purposes, is one lucrative way to make money. There are a few investments that you have to make at the beginning, such as renovating the property and adding some useful features. But you may find that getting your property rented is not always easy. There will be some challenges that will keep you from finding a suitable tenant. In this regard, you might want to rethink your strategy and find new ways to market your property.

The first thing that you need to do is to stop panicking. Not seeing potential renters and tenants for months can be alarming, but stressing yourself out will certainly do no good. Thankfully, there are some ways you can actually increase your chances of finding good tenants. One important piece of advice is to make sure that everything you will do is tenant-centric. Here are some of the guidelines that you might want to keep in mind:

Upload high-quality pictures

You are basically marketing a space, and this means that your approach should be visual. You have to provide your potential clients with many photos as much as possible. But do not just upload photos. You have to make sure that the photos highlight the good features of the house. Use high-resolution materials so that your home will look appealing on the computer screen. Real estate listing companies in Eagle Mountain recommend hiring a professional photographer specializing in interior design.

Highlight the strengths of the property

exploring a new house

When you’re marketing a real estate property, you will have to underscore its key features. If you are renting out a residential property, focus on its proximity to amenities and establishments such as hospitals, schools, groceries, and transport terminals. In case you are renting out a commercial property, highlight its closeness to major business districts where the tenants can find clients.

Make your copy compelling

If you decide to have your property listed on a listing site, you must write a marketing copy that engages your potential renters. One of the most important things that you need to do is to highlight all the details and specs of the property—from room dimensions to the flooring material and air-conditioning features. When the features are detailed, the renters or tenants will easily know if the apartment is right for them.

Offer some rewards or discounts

To attract potential tenants, you might want to have some promos or special offers. For one, you may offer a discount for their first month. You may choose to waive the security deposit or registration fees. Things like these will help make your property look more appealing.

Not having tenants for your rental property can be scary. But that does not mean that it will stay that way forever. You will have to check your strategy and get rid of the tactics that do not work. Above all, make sure that the messaging of your ads will appeal to your tenants. You may also consider working with a real estate listing company to truly increase your chances.

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