Land Matters: Keys to Hunting for the Best Lot for a House

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Unless you’re planning to live on a  yacht for years on end, taking into consideration the land upon which you’re going to erect your dream house is wise. To a large degree, it’s even more imperative to zero in on the best land possible if you’re a real estate entrepreneur. You wouldn’t want to in the business of providing shelter to your clients if you can’t get them a good location. Above and beyond, there are vital aspects of land that you should factor in.

Of course, all this comes down to your decision-making. But right from the onset know you really have to be strategic when you choose the lot to build on. Finding the best areas may be an uphill climb. And yet, all your effort will translate to a more profitable future if you get it right. That should mean doing the needed research before opening your wallet. If not, your new property could be a target of a host of construction issues that will haunt you for the years to come.

The good news is there are guidelines you can use to steer you away from making a bad choice when it comes to the lot. Factoring such expert advice should mean better days are up ahead.

Know the Advantages of Each Lot

If you’re living in the metropolitan area, considering zero-lot lines might be a good idea. Not only are they cheaper compared to lots with more acreage, but also are low maintenance. You won’t need to spend so much time on landscaping as you won’t have much of a yard. The downsides are that you’d have less of a buffer zone with your adjacent neighbors and may not find it comfortable enough if you used to live in a house within a large lot.

On the other end of the spectrum, you can also make the most of master-planned communities that offer a lot more acreage. Some may even help you build your dream house with the best builders on the land. A fine example is Peppercorn Hill. Designed specifically for families, Peppercorn is a master-planned community that should suit your need for more space for your family to grow and live life to the fullest.

Moreover, should you want easy access to your property’s back portion, getting a corner lot can be the best fit for you. The same holds true for rear lane lots. However, corner lots are a bit pricier. Not only do you have access to two streets on each side, but you also can get a more desirable curb appeal. Lots fronting but one street a.k.a. Interior lots can be a wise choice if you want more privacy and less noise.

Location, Location, Location


Again, you’ll have to figure out what’s best for you before you zero in on a lot. You don’t look for a lot first then check if it matches your needs. The better way to do it is to check your needs first and foremost then look for a lot that best fits them.

So if your priority is easy access to your property, getting a lot that’s near a subdivision’s entrance is wise. Moreover, you need to know how far you are to transit routes. A house located near bus routes means you and your kids won’t have trouble commuting. Then again, if you have kids, choosing a location near the community park is spot on. And this is the advantage of master-planned communities or MPCs as these amenities are factored right in.

Slope Matters

As any construction engineer will tell you, the lot slope matters to the design of the building. It behooves therefore that you know the slope of a particular lot before you even sign above the dotted line. A good start is to give your real estate broker a call. Additionally, you should give the site a visit to have first-hand knowledge of the lay of the land.

There are lots that slope from back to front; others slope from front to back. Refer to your house designer if your design fits that particular slope. Architects who hand you a design without even putting these things into consideration are doing a sloppy job.

Mind the Sun

Last but not the least, you need to consider sun exposure. Think about it. If you grow a garden, you’d need all the rays of the sun you can get. In that sense, having a backyard facing a southwest exposure is wise as it will have as much sunshine as a garden would need. Even better, a pie-shaped lot would be the best complement to your gardening needs.

If you want to exercise early in the morning, hopping into an eastern-facing backyard should fit your needs. You can drown yourself with all the coffee you want in the morning. But if you’re more of an afternoon delights person, a west-exposed backyard would be logical.

Again, know what you want first. Then choose the lot that best fits your need. That’s how you’d be in a better position to obtain a happy outcome for your lot-hunting.

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