Reasons to Buy Property with Finance Assistance

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Investment in real estate has always been considered a safe investment. It is one asset that is not too risky, but you have to keep observing the market for a longer term. Today, the real estate scenario is slightly different from what it was. So, you have to re-learn a few tricks of the trade. If you are one of those looking to invest in property for business generation, you are on the right track.

Taking finance for any property for investment is ideal, as you can hang on to your savings all the while. If you plan to buy a property shortly, this article is for you. Read about the various factors you must consider while investing in real estate.

Safety Aspect

When you buy a property with cash or self-funding, you have to perform all the security checks at your own expense. Moreover, you also need to hire a competent real estate lawyer who will search the titles for the property.

There might be encumbrances on your property, which must be dealt with. However, most banks and financial institutions would have already done the necessary documentation and searching before the property was put on sale. You, as a buyer, do not need to incur any extra time or money in searching the old deeds associated with the property.

Financial Benefits

Purchasing a property through a bank loan can also open many taxation benefits for you. The mortgage payments that you pay are subject to tax rebates when you file income tax each year. Both the principal and interest earn tax rebates.

If you buy a house under construction, you can still get a rebate that you pay according to the various completion slabs. Additionally, you can also buy a property on joint loans, where both loan applicants can avail of the tax benefits.

Apart From the tax benefits, you also save on upfront financial burden. Parting with a considerable chunk of cash might not be a good idea for many buyers. You can space out the mortgage payments with loans over a few years. Most opt for a 10-20 percent down payment, a lucrative option.

Real Estate Buying Strategy

If you are in the U.S. and have already dabbled in a few properties, you should know about the BRRR strategy, buy-rehab-rent-refinance method. Even if you are new to real estate investments, you should check it out. This method comprises searching for a property that is in distress.

You can get a distressed property at a significant discount, and then you can utilize the money elsewhere. Sounds interesting? If you want to grow an extensive portfolio, this is for you. You can spend some cash on the renovation and repair of the damaged property, then put it on rent at a higher value.

Use the cash you receive to close a part of your loan or lessen the burden. Use the profit to make a down payment for your next fixed asset investment. In this manner, you can grow your property rental business portfolio successfully.

The more rental properties you own, the more tax rebates you will get. You can also apply for capital tax rebates for investment properties. So, that amounts to two benefits, packed into one. However, it only applies to property purchases for business, not residence.

Ready Retirement Funds

You can also keep your bank savings intact by opting for finance to buy property. You might also need funds for emergency purposes, like hospitalization and medication. Many seniors love to travel and keep funds to travel after retirement. You can also utilize the savings to travel after that. If you want to maintain the same lifestyle you have now, you can opt for finance.

Credit Builder Option

Another advantage of taking finance to buy an investment property is to build a good credit rating. Payment history on your debts makes a critical component of the FICO score. In the future, if you need a loan for any other purpose, you can get it without any problems.

Moreover, if you continue to pay your EMIs without any delay or hindrance, your FICO score will go up in no time. As your mortgage loan amount goes down, your score rises. If you make delays or late payments, the score will be affected adversely. So, you have to be careful.

With more loan repayment, your equity value also goes up. Thus, eventually, you get more borrowing power for the future. In the future, if you have to borrow loans for house renovation and repairs or your child’s education, the banks will grant them minimal documentation.


These are a few ways taking finance for buying a house or property for investment can give you leverage in the markets. You can increase your wealth in the long term through multiple property purchases and also meet daily expenses through rentals. So, it is a win-win situation for you.

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