Forward Thinkers: 3 Improvements That Add Value to Your Home

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Since we spent a large part of our lives in our homes, its function and comfort play a large role in our daily lives. If the accommodation doesn’t meet our needs, the options are either to make changes or move on. Living in a big city is usually related to work. However, the needs of a city worker change overtime. People live in the suburbs of Melbourne for many reasons: the expense of living in the city, a better quality of life, starting a family, easy access to infrastructure networks.

In a census conducted in 2016, it appears that over 36 per cent of the population adhered to this mindset given that their address wasn’t the same as their address five years previously.

While the reason was not stated, the demographics of homeowners due to their age played a major part in this scenario. For example, if you’ve found property for sale in somewhere like Donnybrook, it may suit your needs now, but in the future, as children move away from home, or you want to be nearer elderly relatives, the change means you look for somewhere else.

If there comes a time when you need to move and want to improve the sales value of your house, several options are available.

Kitchen Features

The kitchen is not only the heart of the home but one of the two main selling points, too. This is the room that buyers tend to scrutinize the most, so it pays to maintain its appearance and provide the occasional improvements to give a functional look.

A way this can be done is by replacing the kitchen fixtures every couple of years. While they may seem inconsequential due to their size, cabinet and drawer handles can impact the look of the kitchen. Other updates before putting your property on the market include cupboards, cabinets, countertops and water taps.

As for bigger and more expensive upgrades, energy-efficient appliances should be at the top of the list. They aren’t a prerequisite but can make a huge impact on how well the property sells.

Finished Basement

More floor space is always a plus when it comes to homeownership, and a basement provides just that. If your current basement has already been completed, with its own set of wall and flooring, then you’re looking at another asset of your home.

If not, then consider it as an investment. A finished basement offers plenty of possibilities, from an office to one more bedroom. In the future, it will also help sell the property since potential buyers will enjoy the additional room without having to spend on renovations.

Outdoor Features

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When it comes to a buyer’s impression of a house, the book is judged by its cover. Hence, the need to boost your home’s kerb appeal, even when you have no immediate plans of selling. The easiest way to do so is by providing general upkeep on a regular basis. Mowing the lawn, trimming the hedges, cleaning the gutters — these are some tasks always on the chore list.

When it comes to making exterior upgrades, focus on the condition of the walls, window frames and the main door. Stained outdoor walls are never appealing, so it’s good to power wash or repaint every couple of years; same with the main door and frames. Should you choose to DIY the painting process, consider colours that complement each other.

Adding more greenery improves the overall look and kerbside appeal. Flower gardens in planters or window boxes are relatively cheap and easy to maintain.

All these improvements involve some source expense. If you cannot afford some of the bigger tasks, keeping your property clean and well maintained is often the best advertisement.

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