A Guide to Peaceful Condo Living with a Stranger

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Homeownership is a difficult endeavor, especially if you don’t have enough money to finance it. Fortunately, you have other options to consider besides saving up your money. You can apply for a home mortgage, which is what most people do.

Home mortgages can be hard to figure out, however, especially if you don’t have experience handling loans. You might end up losing more money, or the down payment might be out of the budget. Consider buying a condo for sale instead, which is more affordable yet still has its own home comforts.

If staying in a condo on your own is a bit tight on the budget, you can consider getting a roommate to lessen the expenses. To peacefully cohabitate with your roommate, make sure to keep these pointers in mind.

Set Ground Rules

Getting along with your roommate is critical to the entire venture; that is why it’s important to set some ground rules from the get-go. This agreement with your roommate will serve as a manual to follow. It will also help you avoid getting into disagreements with them.

Begin your discussion with finances, then follow it up with the division of the monthly expenses. Rent, utility bills, and groceries are among the factors to consider while you’re discussing it. In terms of food, you should reach a consensus as to how you’ll buy it, either individually or together. If you’re buying for yourselves, make sure to set some rules or make labels.

Aside from food, agree upon what can be shared and what can’t be. It’s essential to set clear boundaries, from your allotted living space to what activities are allowed in the place. It’s also helpful to prepare for the unexpected, like if one of you moves out ahead of the lease period.

Organize Your Schedules

Your daily schedules should be brought up, too. Particularly, the times when you’ll be at home and using shared facilities, like the bathroom. Doing this will help you avoid stepping on each other’s toes when preparing in the morning or cleaning up in the evening. If you’re going to go home earlier or later than you usually do, make sure to inform your roommates.

One of the things you and your roommates should establish is your schedules when it comes to doing the chores. Maintaining a household with your roommates is easier compared to doing it yourself after all. Once the tasks have been delegated, include it in the roommate agreement to ensure that everyone commits to doing it.

Be Thoughtful


It pays to be considerate. Be aware of your actions and think about whether something might inconvenience your roommate before committing to it. Arguments are less likely to happen that way.

With this, the first consideration is your noise level, especially when your roommate is resting or working. No one wants their sleep to be disturbed. And we all know how difficult it is to focus on tasks when the environment is noisy.

More importantly, if you’re bringing your friends or significant other around, don’t forget to get your roommate’s consent and inform them in advance. They might not like the sudden intrusion of their privacy, especially if it takes them by surprise.

Everyone wants to be a good roommate, but bending over to your roommate’s every whim won’t be too appealing on a long-term basis. That is why it’s important to make compromises. Getting the right balance of give-and-take will help maintain peace in the house. In some cases, your roommate might even end up your steadfast friend.

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